What is Vive Youth?

Vive Youth is the youth movement of Vive Church. We gather together every Wednesday night from 6:30 pm-8 pm. Doors open at 6:30.  Every week, we strive to create a teen-oriented environment that inspires students to see themselves as part of God's bigger purpose on earth. Beyond that, our heart is mentor students through small groups, serve teams, and projects that inspire students to begin living the life they were born to live.

What should I expect?

From the moment you step on campus, you can expect to experience an atmosphere of Belonging and an environment of community. You'll have a chance to grab a drink from our cafe and chill with friends before Element starts. During Element, you'll get to participate in a group game and a practical Bible teaching geared towards the issues teens are facing. Best of all, we break out into age/gender-specific small groups in order to walk through the implications of God's active voice in today's world and beyond.

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We believe that a church's influence comes 2nd to the family's influence. At Element Youth, we desire to partner with parents in raising teens to know and embrace the life they were born to live. We love to keep parents engaged in what we are doing, as well as offer resources to parents to empower families towards life-giving habits.

We believe that a relationship with God is most effectively incited through relationships with people. Our staff and team members are dedicated to modeling Christ and influencing teens towards a biblical lifestyle. Our small group leaders are highly effective in purposefully engaging students in profound and meaningful discussions revolving around life, God, and scripture. Beyond the Wednesday night environment, our team is committed to developing essential mentoring bonds with each student, hopefully extending well beyond high school years.

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Vive Youth - Wednesday at 6:30-8:00 PM as part of Group Church

Vive Church - Sundays at 11:00 AM

Youth Events & Trips - dozens throughout the year


Instagram: Youth.vive

Contact: Youth@ViveChurch.com