Mission to Puebla Mexico:

  • When? July 20th - 27th
  • Cost? $1,600.00
  • What will we be doing?  We will be partnering with Pastor Rayner of La Vina Palmares in Costa Rica and his team to lend aid to 2 newly planted partner churches in the town of Puebla Mexico.  We will spend a week of doing ministry along side brothers and sisters in Christ from Costa Rica and Mexico.  Activities include but are not limited to outreach events and light construction projects such as painting etc.
  • Team size? 20
  • Spots available? 16 13 6


    • What is the purpose of mission trips?

      • Mission trips are a great personal journey as well as an important necessity to the communities of other countries where people are in great need

      • Why should I go a missions trip?

        • Going on a mission trip, whether in or out of the country, really allows you to discover where you are in your Christian walk.
        • God opens so many doors for those who answer His calling to go preach the Gospel (Mark 16:15), and you certainly won’t regret all of the lives you touch while spreading the love of Christ to those who don’t know Him.
        • You will meet Jesus!
          • Mother Teresa once said:

            “Once we take our eyes away from ourselves, from our own interests, from our own rights, privileges, ambitions – then they will become clear to see Jesus around us.”

        • You will see the world differently, for example:
          • In Honduras, many people live in small, one-room houses. They sleep on the floor some have never heard of air conditioning, although temperatures often hover above 90 degrees. They have practically nothing and often don’t know where their next meal is coming from. Yet without hesitating, they will serve you, their visitor, their last bit of rice. They give from their necessity, because they do not have an overabundance. Their generosity is overwhelming, and while we may think they are poor, spiritually they are rich. Going on a mission trip gives you a chance to experience their lives and discover why and how they live that way.
      • What should I do 1st?

        • Pray: Be prayerfully considerate--God is going to use you for His glory, and He is going to use your strengths and talents
        • Ask your small group to pray with and for you
        • Speak to your ministry leader and ask for his/her wisdom
      • How can I get more information?

        • Will there be a meeting where I can ask more questions?

          • Yes, currently the we have a scouting trip scheduled for January once we return we will have an informational meeting around the 2nd week of Feb
        • How do I secure a spot? 

        • What happens if I want to go but don't get my deposit before 2/23/2018?

          • No worries, while we can only offer the price and deposit above until that date we can make adjustments for late add ons.  Total trip price will reflect cost above plus any additional charges for increased airfare
        • All spots are taken, is there a wait list?  If so, how does that work?

          • When all 20 spots are filled a wait list will start.  If something comes up and someone cannot go on the trip the 1st person on the waitlist will be contacted and given an opportunity to fill that spot
        • $1,600 is alot of money, how can I raise that?

          • Volunteer at one our Fireworks stands, all profit from the stands gets divided up by man hour to the missions fund of those who volunteer to work at the Fireworks stand.  Stands run for the New Year's and 4th of July seasons only.  Average per hour for Firework volunteers is $13.00
          • Send letters to family, friends, co workers and neighbors.  If you need help wording your letters/ emails contact us at missions@vivechurch.com for some helpful ideas and templates. FYI grandparents LOVE handwritten notes.
          • Ask parents and grandparents for a mission trip donation in lieu of a Christmas or Birthday gift.
          • Put a little aside each week ( there are 32 weeks from Dec 1 to July 1, $50 a week x 32 weeks= $1,600)
        • What happens if between what I pay, volunteer at a fireworks stand and my friends and family donate it adds up to more than the cost of the trip?

          • No worries- In this case any money you have paid directly can be refunded to you, or money donated for you can be refunded to the person who sent it in.  Also if you earned fireworks money that can be held in your mission account for a later trip
          • You can pay it forward and help someone else on the team
        • What happens if something comes up and I can't go, can I get a refund?

          • No problem- While the first $100 is non refundable (it gets paid to the airline to hold a seat and they won't refund it) any money you have paid directly can be refunded to you, or money donated for you can be refunded to the person who sent it in minus any other deposits that were paid on your behalf i.e.hotel etc
        • What if the time is not right for me to go but I feel compelled to do something?

          • Pray for those who are going
          • Seek out those that are going and help them financially
          • Email missions@vivechurch.com to ask for ways to provide logistical support at home

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